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Ross Franklin builds businesses. Right out of college he got his start in the Fitness industry running high-end health clubs for The Sports Center and Chelsea Piers and Equinox. Now he runs Pure Green, one of the world's hottest juice and smoothie companies. Along the way he became a prolific entrepreneur in the fitness industry and wellness industry know as "The Fixer" sought after by health club owners and wellness CEOs all over the world to revamp and enhance their companies. 


Ross is the Founder and CEO of Pure Green

Ross launched Pure Green in 2014 and since then Pure Green has exploded and has become the hottest new juice and smoothie company in New York City with locations opening all throughout the United States. Pure Green specializes in Cold Pressed Juice, Handcrafted Smoothies and Made-to-Order Acai bowls with the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Ross Franklin is an entrepreneur, business strategist and the Founder and CEO of Pure Green


Ross Franklin builds and grows business. Ross launched his Consulting Company RF Consulting which has developed and built many significant brands within the health and wellness industry. Ross is the Founder and CEO of Pure Green and he is opening new Pure Green retail locations all over the United States. 


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